Friday, September 7, 2012

Feria de Albacete

Just awoke from siesta after an 11, yes, 11 course lunch at las Rejas ( a Michelin star restaurant ). The street below my balcony has filled with people and the parade kicking off the opening of Feria de Albacete is just beginning. I have a prime 3rd floor viewing location
There. It's started. Bands, floats, folkloric groups. The village well seems to be a recurring motif. Kooky kars and motorcycles but no horses. Our friend Della would have tsked a parade without horses. How odd here where women answer nature's call in a room marked "seƱoras" but men visit the "caballeros." The street is packed and I'm told the parade will last hours and the throngs will celebrate until 4am.

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